Frequently asked questions

I am new to land navigation and map reading. Which course should I start with?

All of our "introduction" courses are designed for beginners. Fundemental and foundational skills are emphasised followed by practical exersices to assist is developing proficiency

Will I be the only female in the course?

No. Typically, female students account for 30% to 50% of every class. It is possible to participate in female only events. Check the events page for opportuities or request a "custom" event

Do you provide all needed tools and resources at your events?

No, while we will always have extra tools and will usually provide some resources such as the use of topographic maps, we encourage participnts to bring their own tools in order to gain familiarity and proficiancy with their equipment NOTE: Check the event page you are interested in for more details

How Do I Dress?

Different evetns will have different expectations for how you should dress. The operating environment will often be the dictator of clothing choices. Weather, terrain, comfort and fitness levels will have an impact in decisions. Check the event page of your event choice for further details and expectaions. NOTE: It is expected that you will want boots or athletic shoes and athletic attire for most events

I’ve been orienteering for years. Do I need to start at the introduction courses?

No. However, even highly trained outdoors people often enjoy refresher courses with friends and family. Our 24 hour day/night and "custom" events might be more to your liking

If I register more than one person or sign up for multiple classes, can I get a discount?

Unfortunately, No. The range and insurance carrier charge on a per-person basis. We do not receive a discount, so we cannot pass one on to you.

How big are the classes?

Typically Castlemen Events will maintain a maximum capacity of 50 participants for most events. Some advanced courses or "custom" events might have different limitations. Be sure to review the event page of your event for more details

What is your Refund Policy?

Castlemen Events limits our class sizes to provide an unparalleled and individualized experience for each of our students. To do this we require prepayment and preregistration for all training classes and courses. In order to provide our classes, we must commit resources, assign instructors, arrange classroom/range availability and incur other costs associated with the class. These commitments are not reduced when fewer students attend. Additionally, we many times do not have space for everyone that may want to participate in a scheduled session and therefore must turn away students who wish to sign up. The weather may also be a factor uncontrollable by Castlemen Events and the session may need to be canceled or rescheduled. You acknowledge and agree that in the event you are unable to attend the scheduled session a refund will only be given when notice is provided of your need to cancel two weeks prior to the scheduled session. This may allow others to attend in your place. In the event you are unable to attend the session and less notice is provided you will be able to reschedule to attend another scheduled session, but no refunds can be provided. Individuals that do not show up for the scheduled class and do not provide notice prior to the class, agree to forfeit their fees and ability to reschedule. We appreciate your understanding and the reason behind this policy. By registering up and paying for a session means that you fully understand and accept Castlemen Events’s refund policy

What is the Packing/Gear List for Training?

The event will dictate. *Always Check The Detailed Packing List For Your Course

How do I contact Castlemen Events?

Feel free to email us at Shredder@castlemenevents.com

Where can I find the Waiver and Release of Liability

Waiver is found at this link below. https://www.CastlemenEvents.com/waiver-release-of-liability

Are there any prerequisites requirments?

There are no prerequisites for most standard training opportunities. *Note - Check event details for specific requirements.

I am new to wilderness and survival type training. Which course should I start with?

All of our "introduction" courses are designed for beginners. Fundemental and foundational skills are emphasised followed by practical exersices to assist is developing proficiency

Are there age restrictions for Castlemen Events

All events require a signed waiver by a person 18 yrs and older. Parents and legal guardians may sign for their minor family member but must be a participant in same event. most events will have a minimum age of 14yrs old. Some events may allow for younger participants be sure to review the event page of a particular event

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