Maybe you need a good lashing

Everyone needs a good lashing now and again. I don't mean the kind you experienced as a youngster...if you are of a certain age that is...but the kinds that are used to join two Spars (poles, logs, beams, etc.). Lets say, perhaps you are creating supports for a field expedient shelter out in the woods, or maybe you are needing some expedient defensive obstacles, or maybe you're building a raft, or maybe you just had a need to join two thick poles or logs together at a variety of angles. Two important (and easy to learn) lashings that you might find beneficial are the DIAGONAL Lashing and the SQUARE Lashing

Used to bind two poles together and prevents racking (collapsing and stacking upon each other)

This LASHING is often used as a cross-bracing to support large or small semi permanent structures or supports. This lashing maybe used on any type or size of poles that cross at a 45*- 90* angle. Combined with a SQUARE LASHING it is possible to create a very durable support element. The square lashing is used for load bearing while the diagonal lashing is used for cross-bracing support.

TYING THE DIAGONAL LASHING: 1) Start by tying a timber hitch diagonally around both poles

2) Wrap the rope around both poles three or four times (wrapping turns)in the SAME direction

3) Start the second set of wraps turns by going past and around one of the vertical poles

4) Once you have enough wraps to give you the support strength you desire, guide the rope horizontally between the poles