Jeff N.

Another great weekend in Texas. Completed the Land Navigation training with a team of 15 people. Map reading, using a compass and pace and night.

Added surprise was the night crossing of the Guadalupe River...because who needs to be comfortable... “This ain’t REI...”

Thanks, Mike!

Will D. 

Incredible events being put on by Castlemen Events. Ive had the pleasure of riding the Night Train and that bad ass ride was epic!!

Ryiema P.

The level of preparation becomes obvious when you experience the execution. Michael, AKA Shredder, clearly prepare more thoroughly than any other event lead Cadre Ive ever known. 

Larry O.

Castlemen event are epic. Well planned and executed! . Shredder is an excellent instructor.  Takes the time to explain and demonstrate the maneuvers he's teaching. 

Maria T.

The Castlemen Know how to put on GREAT events.
The Historical events are CLASSIC!
Shredder is the very best Cadre the industry has to offer

Michah K.

I signed up for Sudden Darkness put on by

MIchael David Castillo

aka "Shredder", in New Braunfels, Texas. Almost 24hrs of non-stop learning, physically punishing, mentally crushing, helluva good time. A few things knocked off my bucket list, most of which I didn't know was on it;


Ayn P.

a Shredder event is a

Pinnacle experience, an immersive, intense, amazing experience. If you want a beat down look elsewhere. 

MIchael David Castillo

 puts his heart and soul and vast research and passion for history into his events.

Legit, Shredder experiences are some of the best. And I love learning (history and otherwise). My favorite events are the ones where I learned. Immersive and kinesthetic really are great descriptors of his style.

Jennifer J.

David C.

If you love unique and challenging RUCKING adventures, then Shredder and the Castlemen provide you with the best in the business.